Ninilchik Traditional Council

The Ninilchik Village Tribe is the modern Alaska Native tribe of most of the southern Kenai Peninsula. Its descendants trace their roots from ancient peoples within its tribal boundaries. The tribe’s governing organization, the Ninilchik Traditional Council (NTC), is the presiding body over tribal affairs and maintaining tribal sovereignty.

Headquartered in Ninilchik, the Ninilchik Traditional Council provides services and outreach for both tribal members and the public residing in tribal boundaries. Along with its ongoing mission to promote the sovereignty, wellbeing, and cultural identity of the Ninilchik tribe’s people for generations to come, the organization also publicly strives to:

  • Encourage the environmental stewardship of lands within tribal boundaries.
  • Promote access to health, education, and family resources.
  • Foster positive community development and civic projects.
  • Contribute to the growth of the southern Kenai Peninsula’s local economy.
  • and Support the culture and arts of local communities.

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 39070
15910 Sterling Hwy.
Ninilchik, Ak 99639
Phone: 907-567-3313