Alaska Adventure Suites


Privacy in the heart of the living Historic Village of Ninilchik surrounded by the Ninilchik River and the sea, wrapped by massive volcanoes. Immerse yourself in history, spectacular volcanoes views, and the ‘great Alaskan outdoor adventure’ !

From your spacious luxury suite – gaze out in amazement in every direction over the Ninilchik River and across a massive sea horizon at numerous looming volcanoes. Watch whale pods, sea lion groups and seal herds pass by giant clam beds feeding on the endless schools of salmon forefront of the earth’s curvature or witness sea otter families and walrus eating clams.

Observe numerous eagles soar within your reach as they catch large fish from the Ninilchik River and be a part of the living historic Russian Village and Church of Ninilchik that stretches out before you.

How can it get better than this!

Contact Info:

66710 Mission Ave.
Ninilchik, Ak 99639
Phone: 907-277-1800