Ninilchik Cabins and Fish Camp

Welcome to Ninilchik Cabins & Fish Camp. We provide quality vacation accommodations in Ninilchik, Alaska with a panoramic view of Cook Inlet, Mount Redoubt and Mount Iliamna. Our observation deck offers Spectacular Sunsets from our 10 acres of bluff property plus soaring eagles and all kinds of wildlife. We provide a complimentary Continental Breakfast of muffins, pastries or cinnamon rolls, coffee, tea, juice, milk and cereal. We will gladly provide Fishing Charter referrals to the top notch fishing guides in the area for Salmon and Halibut. We offer over 10 acres of beautiful Inlet view property where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. Each cabin has its own private chest freezer, fillet table, satellite TV, TV/DVD, phone, and fully equipped kitchen.

Snakes like to hide out in dark hiding spots, so if there are any branches or piles of leaves, stacks of firewood etc close to your site, move them further away from you. If you’re camping out and you have a woodpile for a camp fire, make sure this is set up as far away from your site as possible. To better better be prepared against animals and snakes you may run in to the way, visit for their vast information about camping, insects and animals.
Always remember, one of the best and most important aspects of camping is how it helps you build and strengthen relationships. When you go camping with friends or family, you get a chance to talk and visit without distraction, even late into the night. Physical fitness: Time spent camping is physical time.

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 39098
Ninilchik, AK 99639
Phone:Toll Free: 1-866-652-5329 Locally: 907-567-3635

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